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The Best and Leading Candidate Vaccines Revealed to Fight COVID-19

The continuing outbreak of the COVID-19 affecting millions of lives already had triggered many scientists to find the best cure and that includes studying the best candidate vaccines available.

They are now testing different nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) as well as virus-like particles.

Due to the continuing outbreak of the pandemic Novel Corona Virus 2019 (COVID-19), that affects millions of people worldwide today, scientific and medical experts are finding the best cure from the different available candidate vaccines.

As published online through, the World Health Organization (WHO) is currently monitoring the study of the leading vaccines that can potential defeat the virus. The WHO is the main organization with the responsibility of searching for the most effective vaccine to prevent the outbreak and eliminate COVID-19.

Based on the assessment, they study the potential vaccines to their capacity in defeating the target pathogens that cause the spreading of the diseases. Furthermore, the study determines the possibility of their relationship to the newest viruses that can infect the human body.

According from the reports online, the 5 leading candidate vaccines include the following:

  1. Ad5-nCoV [CanSino Biologicals]
  2. mRNA-1273 [Moderna]
  3. INO-4800 [Inovio]
  4. Pathogen-specific aAPC [Shenzhen Geno-Immune Medical Institute]
  5. LV-SMENP-DC [Shenzhen Geno-Immune Medical Institute]

These potential vaccines had shown great signs of effectiveness and so they need to exert more effort to study them thoroughly. From the estimate figure on how much it cost to invest and develop such vaccines, it is nearly $2 billion as detailed by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) experts.

According to the published news also related to this issue, the United Kingdom already allocated 20 million pounds for the development procedure.

Currently, over 70 different potential vaccines are under study, but the listed 5 above are the leading candidates.

The Ad5-nCoV is under the monitoring of Hong Kong’s Cansino Bio and Beijing Institute of Biotechnology. They already plan to schedule the clinical tests (phase 2) with the other genetic engineered candidate vaccine in Mainland.

As for the other leading candidate mRNA-1273, the Moderna pharmaceutical in Massachusetts already received the green light of the regulator to begin the clinical test for human last March. While the INO-4800 of the Inovio pharmaceuticals, it began its clinical test for human this April (last week), according to the

The WHO is likewise monitoring the developments of the remaining 67 vaccines as candidate to fight the pandemic virus. The pre-clinical assessment came from various school institutions like the University of Queensland (Australia), Osaka University (Japan), Imperial College and University of Oxford (London).

Despite the efforts shown by the group of experts in developing the best vaccines, many believe that it may still take months or years before they can possible eliminate the virus completely.

However, the good important thing is that the world is trying to control the outbreak.

To date, countries like the US, South Korea and China are already scheduling the clinical tests for healthy human beings this month. The results of the tests play a huge role in the process of manufacturing the approved vaccines and cure the millions of infected patients worldwide.

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Sweden No Lockdown Despite COVID-19, Challenges Trump and Scientific Mainstream

Despite the continuing serious health problems caused by the pandemic COVID-19, Sweden has no plan on locking down and even challenges US President Trump and scientific mainstream.

Majority of the European countries had lockdown already, but not Sweden.

According from the information shared through, Sweden has no plan on locking down despite the serious health problems that the Novel Coronovirus 2019 (COVID-19) is causing the world today. In addition, the Swedish government even challenged the criticism of the White House leader as well as scientific mainstream of not locking down.

As detailed online, the different establishments in Sweden such as bars and restaurants continue to operate. Furthermore, the government did not yet order closure of the different schools and public playgrounds in the country.

They are aware of the pandemic virus, but rely on voluntary action in stemming the outbreak.

Because of this kind of approach, Trump finds it controversial and he said last Tuesday that, “Sweden did that, the herd, they call it the herd. Sweden’s suffering very, very badly,” as published by the news.

Although the Swedish government became aware of the statement of the US leader, they still believe on their plan and confident that it can work effectively. As explained by Ann Linde during an interview on a Swedish TV that the statement of Trump is “factually wrong” for suggesting the government that it follows “herd immunity” theory.

The explanation of this theory is through permitting the people to catch the virus, while it protects the vulnerable.

Linde added that the decision of the government of not to lockdown is working and relying on individuals who are responsible of themselves to avoid getting sick.

Ann Linde is the current Foreign Minister of Sweden.

Besides the Foreign Minister, another person who disagreed with the statement of the American leader is Anders Tegnell. During an interview with the CNN affiliate Expressen, Anders said, “I think Sweden is doing okay.” Adding that, “It’s producing quality results the same way it’s always done. So far Swedish health care is handling this pandemic in a fantastic way.”

Anders Tegnell is the state epidemiologist of the country.

From the released figures of Johns Hopkins University, Sweden has about 793 death toll and 9,141 positive COVID-19 cases as of April 9, 2020.

Although the Swedish government already imposed some rules and guidelines to the people, some establishments are still open to the public. However, they provided a number of persons who can only visit or come.

Regarding the opening of the schools, the state epidemiologist explained that the decision to close the schools has greater effects on the health care because the involved people can no longer perform their duties when staying home.

Likewise, many kids will suffer if they will not attend their schools.

Although some Swedish locals support the approach of their government, there are those who are opposing it because they fear about the spreading of the virus particularly those who are still visiting the homes for the elderly.

In line with this issue also, the World Health Organization (WHO) released its statement through CNN on last Wednesday that, “imperative” that Sweden “increase measures to control spread of the virus, prepare and increase capacity of the health system to cope, ensure physical distancing and communicate the why and how of all measures to the population.”

Currently, more than a million recorded COVID-19 cases worldwide and such figure continue to rise each day.

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COVID-19 Airborne? Latest Study Revealed in Air Samples Reaches 13 feet from an Infected Person

The latest conducted study about the air samples of COVID-19 revealed that it could reach up to 13 feet or 4 meters from an infected patient and can potentially infect a person.  

This is actually doubling the distance of the current social distancing guideline of 1 meter.

According from the reported news online through AFP, a latest conducted study about the collected air samples of the Novel Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 revealed that the virus could reach up to 13 feet or 4 meters away from an infected patient and may infect a person within the area.

The research experts studied the gathered samples from the hospital wards with patients suffering from COVID-19 and this finding is somehow alarming because they only suggest a social distancing of 1 meter when in the public places.

The involved researchers are from China and published their finding on Friday through Emerging Infectious Diseases (a US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)) journal.

This latest study is an important matter because this also one of the growing debates on how the virus transmits with one person to another that causes the infection and leading to death.

As detailed on the reported news also, the research experts came from Beijing at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences. They conducted a test inside Houshenshan Hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) and general ward for COVID-19 patients. They tested the surface as well as collected air samples inside the hospital, which involved almost 2 dozens of patients from February 19 up to March 2.

The Houshenshan Hospital is from Wuhan in Mainland.

Based on the explanation of the team, they discovered that the virus on the floors is heavily concentrated and believed that this happens because of the gravity and airflow. These factors caused the droplets of the virus to remain on the floors.

In addition, the researchers also revealed that they found high level of virus droplets from things like bed rails, computer mice, garbage cans and doorknobs. These things are what most people touch while inside the hospitals.

The study likewise revealed that the research experts were able conclude that the staff shoes of health workers inside the hospital are tested positive from the virus, as written on the published journal.

On this matter, the soles of the shoes are carriers of the COVID-19 as well.

The good thing however is that no medical staff got infected with the virus yet because of taking the necessary precautionary measures in preventing the infection effectively.

The researchers offered an advice regarding the orthodox guidelines: “Our findings suggest that home isolation of persons with suspected COVID-19 might not be a good control strategy” given the levels of environmental contamination, as published through AFP.

Despite the positive outcome of the study, the World Health Organization (WHO) is downplaying the risk and cautiously evaluating matters.

The issue about the pandemic virus is serious because it affects the world.

As of the latest shared figures online, the current death toll worldwide is almost 101,000, with 372,000 recovered patients and 1.6 million positive cases already.

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Bill Gates to Fund Potential Vaccine to Fight COVID-19, Sets First Testing

Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates is all set to fund the latest potential vaccines that can possible defeat the pandemic virus known as the COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus 2019.

The funding will originate from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

According from the information published through online, Microsoft founder and billionaire individual Bill Gates already agreed to provide funds for the latest potential vaccine INO-4800 DNA that can defeat COVID-19. Gates is a known affluent person who owns the popular technology company, Microsoft.

Based on the published information, the first clinical testing is already on its way and it will now enter the initial phase involving a human being.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States had approved the submitted application coming from Inovio Pharmaceuticals. They already have the first human being who volunteered and will inject the vaccine to complete the first phase of the test.

The Investigational New Drug program will be part of the entire process too.

The INO-4800 DNA vaccine becomes an option to fight the pandemic virus after the pre-clinical studies revealed positive results, as detailed through They tested the vaccine to the animals and showed an increase level of immune response, which convinced the research experts to study it thoroughly.

This is the reason why they concluded using the vaccine for human being already.

The process of the study involves injecting an engineered plasmid (a small, independent genetic structure) with specific level into the human body of an infected patient. On this matter, it allows the body cells to produce the exact or targeted anti-body in defeating the infection caused by the virus.

However, there are still no proof that they had utilized such drug for humans before.

Through the effort and funding of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it is willing to fund at least 7 potential vaccines and determine the results for evaluation, as explained by the Billionaire Microsoft founder during an interview with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.

The soft-spoken person likewise said through, the world cannot wait for the deployment of traditional vaccines and so his foundation will help in scaling up the tests during manufacturing, instead of waiting after.

The founder of the popular technology company said as detailed online that, “Our early money can accelerate things.” The foundation is picking the seven “most promising” vaccine constructs and will help fund factories for all seven, adding that, “even though we’ll end up picking at most two” to actually deploy. 

“To get to the best case” of vaccine deployment in about 18 months, said the 64-year old Gates, “we need to do safety and efficacy and build manufacturing” simultaneously. He acknowledged the plan will result in the loss of “a few billion dollars” on projects that don’t pan out. 

The green light of the FDA is certainly good news for the world and the Pennsylvania-based Inovio Pharmaceuticals begins the test this week under the clearance of the regulator.

Besides the Foundation of Gates, other non-profit organizations showed willingness to support the potential vaccines to defeat the virus globally.

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Drug for Head Lice Treatment can Kill Cells from COVID-19

A drug they utilize in treating head lice can potential kill the cells caused by the Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) as explained by the researchers from Monash University.

The anti-parasite drug is what they call the Ivermectin and the study is now ongoing.

From the news reported online through, scientists from the Monash University in Australia revealed that there is a possibility that the anti-parasite drug known as the Ivermectin can kill the COVID-19 cells and help in treating the infected patients.

During their actual test, the drug managed to eliminate the cells in the span of 48 hours and this kind of option is easily accessible in various pharmacies. As detailed by the news as well, research experts had proved the effectiveness of the drug is treating Zika virus, Influenza, dengue and HIV/AIDS.

Again, this particular drug is use for killing head lice and it will be a breakthrough if it works.

Based on the conducted study led by the research experts or scientists from the Australian-based University, a single dosage of the Ivermectin can already prevent the development of the cell from the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

“We found that even a single dose could essentially remove all viral RNA (effectively removed all genetic material of the virus) by 48 hours and that even at 24 hours there was a really significant reduction in it,” said Dr Kylie Wagstaff as published through

“In times when we’re having a global pandemic and there isn’t an approved treatment, if we had a compound that was already available around the world then that might help people sooner,” the doctor also stated.

Although they cannot yet determine on how the head lice drug kills off the COVID-19 virus, it is capable of dampening the cells and this leads to eliminating them. Besides killing the head lice, this kind of drug can also eliminate other parasites like scabies and River Blindness.

The next procedure that the scientists want to study is the right amount of drug or level of dose they need to use for the human body.  

In addition to this, there is a need for sufficient funding before they can start the pre-clinical tests and clinical trials. This is important before they can make the availability of the developed vaccine becomes widely ready.   

Dr. Kylie Wagstaff is from the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute.

The new study about using Ivermectin is a joint effort between the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute and Peter Doherty Institute of Infection and Immunity, both based in Australia. The findings they have became available through Antiviral Research’s publication.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes the anti-parasite drug and if the ongoing study becomes successful for COVID-19 treatment, this will be a huge help in saving thousands of sufferers across the globe.

As detailed through as of April 6, 2020, the COVID-19 cases worldwide is already 1,274,199. The death toll is at 69,468 and the patients who recovered already are at 264,833.

Almost all nations are continuously searching for the best possible treatments to defeat such pandemic virus.

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Australia Begins COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Test

A national science agency of Australia revealed that it is already beginning the initial stage of their COVID-19 vaccine clinical test in an effort to defeat the pandemic virus.

The Novel Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 is becoming a nightmare worldwide.

According from the news report through Reuters, a national science agency of Australia on Thursday already set the initial stage of its clinical test involving the possible vaccines that can possible defeat the pandemic and deadly virus.  

The Australian government is uniting with all the nations across the world to find the most effective solution in battling the virus and in curing all those infected individuals.  

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is the involved science agency and conducted its pre-clinical test already. The experiment involves the ferrets (small furry mammals) by injecting them with the two possible vaccines.

 The venue for the experiment is at a high-containment bio-security facility close to Melbourne.

During an interview with Reuters, Rob Grenfell said that the initial phase of the test made need at least 90 days before they can determine the result. He added that should there will be a result after the process, they might need until late of 2021 to decide and not yet ready for the public.

From the shared information through, the vaccines cleared by the World Health Organization (WHO) made by Inovio Phramaceutical (US-based company) and involving Oxford University.

The WHO gave the green light to use the vaccines for animal testing.

Grenfell stated during an interview through Skype while in Melbourne as published over the Internet “We’re still sticking to the optimistic 18 months for delivery of vaccine to the general consumers,” adding that “Now this, of course, may change. There’s a lot of technical challenges that we’re having to go through.”

Rob Grenfell is the director of health for CSIRO and considered the first stage of testing as “remarkable” because the result is faster than they expected.

Currently, Australia has already reported 5,200 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 24 fatalities.

Part of the clinical test is to conduct an actual trial involving a human being from one of the two candidate vaccines, which might take place this April or early May. During the test, the involved researchers must determine the effectiveness of the vaccine and if it shows enough benefits when administered through nasal spray and intra-muscular injection, as detailed online.

This latest clinical test in Australia becomes the first task of the CSIRO outside the Mainland as a research organization that will conduct a pre-testing to defeat COVID-19.

The other successful research agency is the Moderna Inc, which is the closest known facility in public that conduct human test. According to Reuters, they are planning to begin the clinical test last March in Seattle.

As detailed from the reported news also, the research agency provided information that the causes of the COVID-19 disease is the virus known as Sars-CoV-2. Over 20 studied vaccines worldwide are now in developing process to prove their efficacy.

Should the pre-clinical test conducted in Australia becomes successful, this will be a huge breakthrough in giving the best possible solution in treating patients infected with the pandemic virus.

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Virgin Coconut Oil – A Potential Cure for COVID-19 Patients

Virgin Coconut Oil (CVO) is one of the most popular homeopathic remedies in the Philippines that contain natural nutrients and minerals that can benefit the human body greatly.

Medical researchers and health experts believed that CVO is a potential cure for COVID-19 patients.

Some research experts in the field of medicine are now looking into the possibility of using Virgin Coconut Oil as an alternative medication for people infected with Novel Corona Virus 2019 or COVID-19. This type of virus is fatal because it can kill a sufferer without proper treatment.

The COVID-19 death toll worldwide is more than 1,000,000 and the fatalities reach more than 50,000.

Medical experts and practitioners across the globe like in the Philippines are continuously searching for the fastest medicinal drug that can defeat the virus effectively. As mentioned above, one of the options include the CVO because it contains anti-viral properties that can potential kill the virus inside the human body.

According from the reported news through, Dr. Jaime Montoya said that there is no available and specific antiviral treatment or vaccine to fight the killer virus as of this time. This is the reason why some Filipino researchers made a thorough study about the possibility of using such natural coconut oil for treating patients infected with the virus.

Dr. Montoya added that although the researchers did not yet test the oil for COVID-19 treatment, they already have clinical trials in the coming days, as detailed online.

Dr. Jaime Montoya is the Philippines Council on Health Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology (PCHRD-DOST).

The DOST however said last Wednesday that they will begin the testing on using CVO to prove if it is possible to use it as treatment for the pandemic virus.

In his statement as published through, Fortunato De la Peña stated that “This research of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) on virgin coconut oil (VCO) is planned to have two arms: one hospital-based and one community-based.”

He likewise stated there will be a hospital-based study, entitled “Virgin Coconut Oil and Omega-3a Adjunctive Therapy for Hospitalized Patients with COVID 19,” is set at the Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH), which composes Dr. Marissa Alejandria and her team.

“The VCO will serve as a supplement to the daily treatment regimen of the COVID-19 positive patients,” said De la Peña. “The study aims to assess the possible benefits of VCO if given to patients with moderate to severe COVID-19 in addition to the drugs being assessed in the clinical trials,” he added as published online.

Fortunato De la Peña is the current secretary of the DOST and revealed that the study might take 30 days or more until they reach the required number of infected persons.

There will be differing tests conducted by various government agencies related to food and drugs. They have the intention to prove the effectiveness of CVO when included in the food they feed the Persons Under Investigation (PUI).

They will also conduct various intervention tests, as detailed by the reported news also.

If proven effective after 30 days of testing, the team can then make a decision if the oil can be a potential treatment for COVID-19 sufferers.

Currently, the Philippines has more than 3,000 confirmed cases already and 136 death toll.

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The Continuing Search for the Possible Medicines for COVID-19

Medical experts and researchers continue to find the best possible alternative medicines to treat patients suffering from the pandemic Novel Corona Virus 2019 (COVID-19).

These people want to discover the fastest available medicines now to fight the virus.

As of writing this article the confirmed cases worldwide of COVID-19 to date is 1,015,397. The total death toll is now 53,191 and 212,986 patients had recovered already.

This is the reason why it is imperative to discover the most effective medicines to help the sufferers recover faster and defeat such pandemic virus at once.

Unfortunately, the virus remains as an outbreak in more than 160 countries already.

From the news information shared through, there had been a few suggested alternative drugs to fight the Corona Virus. Among them, include the Anti-malaria medicine that contains chloroquine and hydrochloroquine.

There had been medical experts from Russia who made a thorough study about this particular anti-malaria drug, which also caught the interest of US President Donald Trump lately.

Trump even mentioned that this might be a “game changer” in defeating COVID-19.

On the other hand, some medical researchers believe that using this kind of alternative medicine might be helpful, but there are potential adverse effects to consider. One of these negative effects is that it can damage an organ of the sufferer.

Another type of alternative drug they want to consider is the one they use in treating HIV/AIDS. As detailed online, a reputable publishing and analytics firm known as the Elsevier mentioned about “Kaletra,” which is a type of medicine combining ritonavir and lopinavir in treating HIV.

The company however does not still conclude the effectiveness of such medicine in terms of curing patients with the virus.

Based on the explain theory, the ritonavir and lopinavir might work is preventing the virus from infecting the new cells in the body of a COVID-19 sufferer. This is similar to the reaction when treating a patient with HIV, yet such theory does not prove any effectiveness when treating the Corona Virus, as detailed online.

Another potential medicinal drug that some experts want to consider is the remdesivir (a type of drug use in treating patients with Ebola Virus). Based on the Western media reports, the FDA considered such drug as a “promising” treatment. In addition to this, the Pentagon in the US had secure doses of the remdesivir that they utilize as experimental drug to treat soldiers who showed minor symptoms of the virus, as reported through

There had been reports also about medical experts who are studying the possibility of using Interferon-based drugs to treat a patient with COVID-19.

This kind of alternative drug is popular for various treatments such as multiple sclerosis to cancerous diseases. The use of the Interferon-based drugs can possible block the penetration of protein synthesis in the cells of the body, which eventually prevents the virus from spreading.

However, Russian specialist Netesov explained that this kind of approach might as well harm the human body. He added that Interferons could inhibit protein synthesis regardless of whether it involves proteins of a virus or a host, as published over the Internet.

The search for the potential drugs to fight COVID-19 continues worldwide. Medical experts do not stop in making experiments and studies to end the battle of this pandemic virus.

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Anti-Malaria Medicine, How Effective for Treating COVID-19 Patients?

Specialists from Russia revealed that using an anti-malaria medicine or drug can treat a patient who is suffering from Novel Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 effectively.

Medical experts worldwide are also beginning to research more about this type of drug to provide the best possible medication to the thousands of people who suffered from this pandemic virus.

There are now specialists from Russia who are showing efforts to reveal the possibility of using an anti-malaria medicine to treat COVID-19 patients, according to the news online. These people are doing extensive research to provide the best medicinal solution in battling the pandemic outbreak.

In line with this, some medical experts are also looking at other available treatment drugs because the issue about the Coronavirus is serious. It already killed thousands of people across the globe and affecting nearly 800,000 to date.

The first country with the most number of positive cases is China, which eventually considered the use of anti-malaria medicines to defeat the virus. There had been reports that they were able to control the outbreak in the country. However, it still need more provable statements and results.

Countries like US, France and Canada are now studying the possibility as well.

Another microbiologist from France named Didier Raoult revealed that one of the researches done by the Chinese about using an anti-malaria medicine include the Chloroquine. According to Didier, there is “dramatic improvements” among the sufferers when treated using such medicine.

Unfortunately, they denounced his claim as fallacious and even considered it as fake news.

In the Philippines also, some medical experts are beginning to show interest about the Chloroquine for COVID-19 treatment. As detailed through, there had been report that the Patient 358 had recovered after getting his treatment using Hydroxy Chloroquine.

The claim spread online when netizens discovered it through social media site Facebook.

According to Dr. Rey Salinel that this kind of drug contain quinine (a kind of chemical compound) and they use it for heart diseases treatment. He said that when taking such medicine, it helps in converting the blood pH (level) into alkaline and this is helpful for the patient.

On the other hand, the good doctor explained that the use of this medicine could trigger unwanted complications that can damage the heart, liver and kidney. The Department of Health (DOH) likewise warned the public about using medicines without legitimate label and prescription is dangerous to the health.

In the United States also, President Donald Trump had some ideas about the use of this particular anti-malaria drug, which they use reportedly in China. Based on the report submitted by the Zhenjiang University researchers as published online, COVID-19 patients who took the drug did not fight off the virus compared to those who did not took it.

Based on the study, they involved at least 30 patients wherein half of them took the anti-malaria drug. After a week, 13 of them underwent testing and their result is negative.

As for the remaining half who did not take the Hydroxy Chloroquine, 14 of them had negative tests as well.

This means that the result when using the anti-malaria medicine is not that convincing. This is reason why medical experts need to be cautious before making conclusions on their studies.

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