Spain Records Death Toll of Over 10,000 Already

Spain is another European nation that is currently experiencing serious battle against the pandemic COVID-19 as its death toll reaches over 10,000 already.

The people of Spain are now troubled due to the increasing numbers of fatalities.

Just like Italy, one of the most affected nations in the European region is Spain and as of Thursday (April 2, 2020), the country had reached 10,348 fatalities already. In just 24 hours also, the authority recorded a total 950 death toll, which is the highest rate in a single day, according to the report through

The Spanish government however is still showing hope because compared in the past weeks since the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19, the fatalities are lower.

Meaning, they had been successfully implemented the precautionary measures they created and the government has full control of the situation in the country.

“The data shows us that the curve has stabilized,” said Salvador Illa in a press conference on Thursday as published online. “That we have achieved the primary objective of reaching the peak of the curve and that now we are starting the phase of deceleration,” he added.

Since the outbreak, there had been serious criticism that the Spanish government had heard coming from the oppositions. The criticism includes the issues about insufficient personal protective gears and lack of facilities inside the Intensive Care Units (ICU), among others.

Salvador Illa however cautioned the public and the oppositions saying that the health service of the country is in the right place.

“Even observing a decrease in the number of admissions, the long stays in these units produce an effect of accumulation of patients because of which there still remains difficult weeks for our health system,” said Illa as published through  

Illa works for the Spanish government as the Minister of Health.

The pandemic virus is continuously hitting many European nations and had become the worst nightmare of more than 160 countries across the world.

Like in Spain, there had been reports that among the reasons why this country is troubled in dealing with the situation is that they have huge number of elderly people and the healthcare service they provide is weak or insufficient.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why the fatality rate in the country is higher.

The government of Spain is also battling against the increasing number of people who are now jobless since they implemented the lockdown. With the tough situation they are going through, it is difficult for the Spaniards to go out and work because the issue about COVID-19 is serious.

According to the shared information about the unemployment report of Spain by the Spanish Labor Ministry, they now have a data of 302,265 jobless people as of March. On this matter, the government must consider this a serious matter because the fight against the pandemic virus is not yet over.

The unemployment rate is an “historic and” “absolutely exceptional” as what Yolanda Diaz stated while in Madrid attending a news conference.

The COVID-19 outbreak seriously devastated the economy worldwide and it is still unclear on when this kind of pandemic issue ends.