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Filipino Nurses, Porters Died in UK Due to COVID-19 Faces Revealed

About 16 Filipinos who work as nurses and porters in the United Kingdom had died already due to the Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) and they revealed their faces online recently.

They are the unseen heroes from the Philippines who fought against the deadly virus.

From the latest news report through, about 16 Filipinos who worked as hospital nurses and porters had died due to COVID-19 in the UK. As detailed online, the names are as follows:

  1. Amor Gatinao
  2. Marjorie Teves
  3. Romeo Castillo
  4. John Alagos
  5. Leilani Dayrit
  6. Delia Mahinay
  7. Donald Suelto
  8. Arnel Ganias
  9. Oscar King Jr.
  10. Fernando Caparal
  11. Elvira Bucu
  12. Raul Apostol
  13. Arnel Ganias
  14. A certain named Gloria
  15. A certain named JR and
  16. Dr. Aileen Abdon Sartaguda

These people had served their hospitals and patients with great courage by risking their lives. Unfortunately, they all died while working abroad for the sake of their loved ones back home.

One of the longest staying nurses in the United Kingdom is Amor Gatinao who had worked at the National Health Service (NHS) since 2002. According to the reported news, she is the 27th staff member of the hospital who died because of COVID-19. She was a dedicated clinical nurse assessor at the Hammersmith and Fulham Clinical Commissioning Group.

Despite the effort of his husband to bring her to the hospital in saving her life when she is not getting well for the past couple of days, Amor still did not make it to survive. She died last Good Friday and according to the family, they will bring her ashes in Jaro, Ilolilo (her hometown).

Another sorry casualty who fought against the pandemic virus is Leilani Dayrit who died last April 9, 2020. Like Gatinao she worked for the NHS for almost 16 years, but failed to survive when she got ill due to COVID-19.

She is the fourth reported nurse from the Philippines.

While in London, Donald Suelto is a male nurse who recently died due to the deadly virus. He exposed himself to different patients infected with the Novel Coronavirus and experienced symptoms before he died.

Perhaps the saddest thing about his death is that Suelto passed away inside his apartment without any companion.

Another young Filipino male nurse who died after battling against COVID-19 is the 23-year old John Alagos. Based on the published information about him, he works at the Watford General Hospital and one of the staff who takes care of the patients with the virus.

From the report through a British press, the mother (Gina Gustilo) of John has asked him to come home, but the hospital did not allow him due to lack of health workers. He worked for almost 12 hours per shift and got sick afterwards that led to his death.

Her mother revealed that during the duty of his son, he is not wearing complete PPE.

Besides the list above, the report from revealed that other Filipinos who died in London include 60-year old nurse Melujean Ballesteros from St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington.

The other casualty is Elbert Rico who is a porter at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford along with Oscar King Jr.

Currently, over 18,000 health workers at the NHS are from the Philippines. Based on a study in UK, the Philippines is a top provider of licensed nurses and clinical staff than any other nation outside the United Kingdom.  

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Virgin Coconut Oil – A Potential Cure for COVID-19 Patients

Virgin Coconut Oil (CVO) is one of the most popular homeopathic remedies in the Philippines that contain natural nutrients and minerals that can benefit the human body greatly.

Medical researchers and health experts believed that CVO is a potential cure for COVID-19 patients.

Some research experts in the field of medicine are now looking into the possibility of using Virgin Coconut Oil as an alternative medication for people infected with Novel Corona Virus 2019 or COVID-19. This type of virus is fatal because it can kill a sufferer without proper treatment.

The COVID-19 death toll worldwide is more than 1,000,000 and the fatalities reach more than 50,000.

Medical experts and practitioners across the globe like in the Philippines are continuously searching for the fastest medicinal drug that can defeat the virus effectively. As mentioned above, one of the options include the CVO because it contains anti-viral properties that can potential kill the virus inside the human body.

According from the reported news through, Dr. Jaime Montoya said that there is no available and specific antiviral treatment or vaccine to fight the killer virus as of this time. This is the reason why some Filipino researchers made a thorough study about the possibility of using such natural coconut oil for treating patients infected with the virus.

Dr. Montoya added that although the researchers did not yet test the oil for COVID-19 treatment, they already have clinical trials in the coming days, as detailed online.

Dr. Jaime Montoya is the Philippines Council on Health Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology (PCHRD-DOST).

The DOST however said last Wednesday that they will begin the testing on using CVO to prove if it is possible to use it as treatment for the pandemic virus.

In his statement as published through, Fortunato De la Peña stated that “This research of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) on virgin coconut oil (VCO) is planned to have two arms: one hospital-based and one community-based.”

He likewise stated there will be a hospital-based study, entitled “Virgin Coconut Oil and Omega-3a Adjunctive Therapy for Hospitalized Patients with COVID 19,” is set at the Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH), which composes Dr. Marissa Alejandria and her team.

“The VCO will serve as a supplement to the daily treatment regimen of the COVID-19 positive patients,” said De la Peña. “The study aims to assess the possible benefits of VCO if given to patients with moderate to severe COVID-19 in addition to the drugs being assessed in the clinical trials,” he added as published online.

Fortunato De la Peña is the current secretary of the DOST and revealed that the study might take 30 days or more until they reach the required number of infected persons.

There will be differing tests conducted by various government agencies related to food and drugs. They have the intention to prove the effectiveness of CVO when included in the food they feed the Persons Under Investigation (PUI).

They will also conduct various intervention tests, as detailed by the reported news also.

If proven effective after 30 days of testing, the team can then make a decision if the oil can be a potential treatment for COVID-19 sufferers.

Currently, the Philippines has more than 3,000 confirmed cases already and 136 death toll.

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Philippines Frontliners Unprotected and in Danger, Some of Them are Now Dying


One of the most affected nations in the Southeast Asia is the Philippines and there is a huge concern now involving the Filipino frontliners who are fighting against COVID-19. .

Reports online revealed that these people are unprotected, in danger and some of them are already dying.   

According from the shared information over the Internet, nearly 17 doctors already died in the Philippines due to the pandemic Novel Corona Virus 2019 or also known as the deadly COVID-19 (as of March 31), as detailed by the Philippine Medical Association (PMA).

These casualties are the frontliners and are responsible in treating patients with confirmed cases. They gave their lives to save their patients, but sadly infected with the virus as well.

From the news report through CNN Philippines, Dr. Oscar Tinio revealed that if there is only enough personal protective equipment (PPE) available for the doctors, there might be no casualty.

Tinio likewise said that although the rate of the death in just about 5%, such figure can go higher as the country is continuously battling against the virus. Adding that the situation right now is like a war and the doctors will continue to fight, but the government should provide what they need.

To name few of the prominent doctors who passed away include Dr. Sally Gatchalian (President of Philippine Pediatric Society), Dr. Gregorio Macasaet III (Anesthesiologist), Dr. Raul Jara (Cardiologist) and Dr. Rose Pulido (Oncologist) among others.

Dr. Oscar Tinio is the PMA Commission on Legislation Chairman and Director of St. Dominic Medical Center (Cavite) also.

During the press conference of President Rodrigo Duterte held last week, he already acknowledged the doctors who risked their lives to save their fellow citizens.  He expressed his gratitude to all the health workers who died in dealing with the virus as front liners.

These health workers include the doctors, health professionals, nurses and medical technologists, among others.

The President already made a promise to provide the best supports to all frontliners across the nation, which includes the needs for the PPE and other necessary medical supplies.

Although sadden by the number of doctors and health workers who died already, Duterte thanked these people and recognized them as heroes because they die in providing service to the Filipinos.

In line with this, the passage of the new law known as the “Bayanihan to Heal as One” will benefit all health workers who died while battling the COVID-19. The president said that one of the included provisions of the law involves providing 1,000,000 pesos to the families of the casualties.

As for the health workers (public and private) infected with the virus and in severe condition, they will receive a compensation amounting to 100,000 pesos.

Currently, the Philippines has more than 2,633 confirmed cases and according to the latest reports, they Department of Health (DOH) is planning to conduct a mass testing on April 14, 2020. This is actually the last day of the Luzon-wide Enhanced Home Quarantine (EHQ).

The mass testing includes all Persons Under Investigation (PUI) and Persons Under Monitoring (PUM).

The fear about dying doctors, nurses and other health workers in the country is definitely alarming. There are also reported cases wherein some frontliners are experiencing discrimination in various places.

This is the reason why most of them needed to have protection from the PNP to keep them safe both on and off their duties.

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Philippines : Doctor Reveals Possible Cure for COVID 19 through OTC, FDA Opposes

Zambales – A doctor from the province of Zambales revealed that a possible cure for COVID-19 is available through Over-The-Counter (OTC) purchase in drugstores.

His name is Dr. Willie Fabunan from San Marcelino in Zambales, Philippines.

According from the reported news through, the San Marcelino based doctor has experience in treating his patients who are suffering from snakebites, dengue, dog bites as well as HIV or AIDS. Dr. Fabunan is utilizing an anti-viral injection during the process of treatment.

He said that through OTC, a person can purchase such medicine without the need of a prescription. Dr. Fabunan stated that, “We can change the ratio of these combination drugs in treating various ailments.”

To prove the effectiveness of such OTC medicines, he explained that back in 1999, he was able to treat at least 9 HIV/AIDS patients out of 10.

The reported news online likewise revealed that Dr. Willie has an elder brother named Ruben who founded the Fil-Am biotechnology company in Loss Angeles, United States. His brother aims to provide the exact medication for those who are HIV/AIDS victims for their treatment.

Ruben is using the same combination drugs for the treatment.

In an effort to help solve the problem in treating patients with Corona virus (COVID-19) in the Philippines, the good doctor made a petition to allow his anti-drug medicine to cure such pandemic virus.

Dr. Fabunan named the medicine as “Prodex-B” of which he introduced to the Department of Health (DOH).

Along with Help for Life President John Carlos delos Reyes, they submitted their petition online through to hear their sides. Delos Reyes is a relative of the doctor and they explained that the Prodex-B and Fabunan Anti-Viral (FAI) drug are not exactly the same.

They made an explanation last March 29, 2020 by contacting the Manila Standard.

In addition, Help for Life President published his statement online saying, “We have focused enough on quarantines, lock-downs, testing kits, PPEs, more money from Congress. These are preventive and defensive, very expensive and will drain us in this battle of attrition with the virus. What we need is an anti-viral cure, and we need it now! Without this we lost the war!”

Delos Reyes shared his statement from the popular social media website Facebook.

In line with this, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued its own statement online through their official website stating that the use of an anti-viral drug such as the “Prodex-B” has baseless claims, particularly in treating patients with COVID-19. The FDA is strongly advising all the doctors and health experts to follow what is recommended in treating their patients, which the DOH endorsed already.

According to the agency also, “Prodex-B” is made of Dexamethasone with Vitamin B and Procaine and it is important for the people to become aware of it. Despite the spreading news about it for the past days, the DOH is not recommending it for preventing as well as treating the pandemic Corona Virus.

FDA likewise revealed that the anti-viral drug combination has no legitimate registration.  

Should any person who had bought such medicine already, the agency is advising them to monitor any potential side effect, as detailed online.

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