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US Intelligence Report in 2008, Predicted Such Pandemic Virus Accurately Yet Ignored

The United States Intelligence report back in 2008 had predicted such pandemic virus accurately based on their assessment, but no action taken during that time.

The report showed what is exactly happening in the world today against the COVID-19.

According from the news information shared through, the US National Council intelligence (NIC) report in 2008 made a prediction about the pandemic virus that will hit the world and potentially no cure at all. The report even considered the assessment of the global pandemic issue that time as “highly transmissible” and “virulent respiratory illness.”

Unfortunately, they did not take any action that time or thought about preparedness.

As detailed online, the NIC reported that the new disease can become “extremely contagious” and it will be difficult to find the exact treatment once the virus begins to spread globally. Based on the report also, they mentioned about the potential candidates such as the H5NI or Bird Flu, but it can also be a possible “coronavirus or other influenza strains.”

The Intelligence report likewise mentioned about the onset of the pandemic virus begins in a highly populated area wherein both human beings and animals are living together. A specified area that they utilized as an example is the Mainland China.

Based on the information about the COVID-19, it possibly originated in Wuhan (we market) wherein they sell both live and dead animals. This place is also not following proper hygiene because most of the residents here are poor.

The news information also revealed that the report of the NIC mentioned that the outbreak of the virus would prove a “slow public health response” of the world. In addition, the report said that the laboratory tests and results might take weeks before they confirm the findings to take action of the possible solutions.

Asymptomatic people who are traveling can become the potential carriers of the virus and infecting other people across the globe, as mentioned on the prediction.

One of the extreme situations is that hundreds to millions of Americans will get sick.

Even though such predictions might not convince many ordinary people out there, there are experts and virologists who already warned the world of potential pandemic outbreak for years, which proved the incapacity of the world to respond effectively.

Back in 2005, Michael Osterholm wrote about “time is running out” to help in preparing for the next pandemic and for the human beings to act now, as published through In his written book entitled “Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germ” in 2017, Osterholm made an effort to alarmed the people of the upcoming threats and even revealed his nine-point strategy in protecting the populations.

Michael Osterholm is a known infectious disease expert in the world.

From the information shared through, the current administration of US President Donald Trump has failed in responding against the pandemic COVID-19 outbreak, despite the repeated caution of the Intelligence agency.

The Trump administration did not act swiftly on the potential threat and this trigger panic in the United States and caught the Americans by surprise because they do not have the exact plan.

Regardless if the prediction of the NIC came true or not, it is important for the world to become aware of any pandemic outbreak and must prepare in the best possible way to avoid any fatality.


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