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Sweden No Lockdown Despite COVID-19, Challenges Trump and Scientific Mainstream

Despite the continuing serious health problems caused by the pandemic COVID-19, Sweden has no plan on locking down and even challenges US President Trump and scientific mainstream.

Majority of the European countries had lockdown already, but not Sweden.

According from the information shared through, Sweden has no plan on locking down despite the serious health problems that the Novel Coronovirus 2019 (COVID-19) is causing the world today. In addition, the Swedish government even challenged the criticism of the White House leader as well as scientific mainstream of not locking down.

As detailed online, the different establishments in Sweden such as bars and restaurants continue to operate. Furthermore, the government did not yet order closure of the different schools and public playgrounds in the country.

They are aware of the pandemic virus, but rely on voluntary action in stemming the outbreak.

Because of this kind of approach, Trump finds it controversial and he said last Tuesday that, “Sweden did that, the herd, they call it the herd. Sweden’s suffering very, very badly,” as published by the news.

Although the Swedish government became aware of the statement of the US leader, they still believe on their plan and confident that it can work effectively. As explained by Ann Linde during an interview on a Swedish TV that the statement of Trump is “factually wrong” for suggesting the government that it follows “herd immunity” theory.

The explanation of this theory is through permitting the people to catch the virus, while it protects the vulnerable.

Linde added that the decision of the government of not to lockdown is working and relying on individuals who are responsible of themselves to avoid getting sick.

Ann Linde is the current Foreign Minister of Sweden.

Besides the Foreign Minister, another person who disagreed with the statement of the American leader is Anders Tegnell. During an interview with the CNN affiliate Expressen, Anders said, “I think Sweden is doing okay.” Adding that, “It’s producing quality results the same way it’s always done. So far Swedish health care is handling this pandemic in a fantastic way.”

Anders Tegnell is the state epidemiologist of the country.

From the released figures of Johns Hopkins University, Sweden has about 793 death toll and 9,141 positive COVID-19 cases as of April 9, 2020.

Although the Swedish government already imposed some rules and guidelines to the people, some establishments are still open to the public. However, they provided a number of persons who can only visit or come.

Regarding the opening of the schools, the state epidemiologist explained that the decision to close the schools has greater effects on the health care because the involved people can no longer perform their duties when staying home.

Likewise, many kids will suffer if they will not attend their schools.

Although some Swedish locals support the approach of their government, there are those who are opposing it because they fear about the spreading of the virus particularly those who are still visiting the homes for the elderly.

In line with this issue also, the World Health Organization (WHO) released its statement through CNN on last Wednesday that, “imperative” that Sweden “increase measures to control spread of the virus, prepare and increase capacity of the health system to cope, ensure physical distancing and communicate the why and how of all measures to the population.”

Currently, more than a million recorded COVID-19 cases worldwide and such figure continue to rise each day.


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