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Century Old Vaccines Can Possible Cure People with COVID-19

A 100-year old vaccine that originated from Europe use to fight Tuberculosis (TB) is now becoming a trend for the possibility of using it to cure people with COVID-19.

The vaccine is what they call the Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BGC) and introduced back in 1920s.

From the reported news through, there are now scientists who are studying the possibility of using a 100-year old vaccine that originated from Europe as a potential cure for people who are suffering from the pandemic Novel Coronoavirus 2019 or known as COVID-19.

These research experts are as well looking at the possibility of protecting all the doctors, nurses and other health workers who serve as the front liners in this tough crisis worldwide.

With the help of this century old vaccine that treats people with Tuberculosis, scientists who are part of the study believe that this can strengthen the immune system of the human body and potentially eliminate the infection caused by the virus.

Both scientists from Europe and Australia are now studying the vaccine. They are focusing on a pair of groups that are high risk with the virus – elderly and health care workers.

According from the shared information through, the BGC contain a live but weak strain of TB bacteria and helps in provoking the human body to develop anti-bodies. The anti-bodies then attack the bacteria caused by Tuberculosis and called the process as adaptive immune response.

Majority of the vaccines involve a single pathogen during the adaptive immune response.

As opposed to the other available vaccines, the BGC has the capacity to strengthen natural immune system of the body and works as a first line of defense to prevent various types of pathogen from penetrating the body.

This kind of process is helpful in preventing the infection from developing.

However, there is still no truthful evidence that can tell on whether the BGC vaccine can prevent the infection caused by COVID-19. Nonetheless, these research experts are not stopping in finding ways to defeat this pandemic virus through conducting various clinical tests.

Based on the information published through, there is a claim that most of the affected people are those who are old with health issues already. Because they have weaker immune system, it is easier for the virus to infect their body.

In most cases, COVID-19 can easily ruin the respiratory system and this is probably the reason why both the scientists from Europe and Australia are eager to prove the effectiveness of using BGC to protect all the health workers who are exposing themselves to infected patients.

Another claim of which they need to prove is that a person needs to stay with an infected person for about 10 minutes before being infected too. This is the reason why there are now hospitals with precautionary guidelines to stay away within 3-4 meters from an infected person to avoid the virus.

Usually, the virus spreads out when a person is sneezing or coughing and a strict social distancing is necessary during this situation.

Proper disinfection is very important these days because the issue about COVID-19 is serious. It already affected more than 180 countries and continuously infecting thousands of people across the globe.


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