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Australia Begins COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Test

A national science agency of Australia revealed that it is already beginning the initial stage of their COVID-19 vaccine clinical test in an effort to defeat the pandemic virus.

The Novel Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 is becoming a nightmare worldwide.

According from the news report through Reuters, a national science agency of Australia on Thursday already set the initial stage of its clinical test involving the possible vaccines that can possible defeat the pandemic and deadly virus.  

The Australian government is uniting with all the nations across the world to find the most effective solution in battling the virus and in curing all those infected individuals.  

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is the involved science agency and conducted its pre-clinical test already. The experiment involves the ferrets (small furry mammals) by injecting them with the two possible vaccines.

 The venue for the experiment is at a high-containment bio-security facility close to Melbourne.

During an interview with Reuters, Rob Grenfell said that the initial phase of the test made need at least 90 days before they can determine the result. He added that should there will be a result after the process, they might need until late of 2021 to decide and not yet ready for the public.

From the shared information through, the vaccines cleared by the World Health Organization (WHO) made by Inovio Phramaceutical (US-based company) and involving Oxford University.

The WHO gave the green light to use the vaccines for animal testing.

Grenfell stated during an interview through Skype while in Melbourne as published over the Internet “We’re still sticking to the optimistic 18 months for delivery of vaccine to the general consumers,” adding that “Now this, of course, may change. There’s a lot of technical challenges that we’re having to go through.”

Rob Grenfell is the director of health for CSIRO and considered the first stage of testing as “remarkable” because the result is faster than they expected.

Currently, Australia has already reported 5,200 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 24 fatalities.

Part of the clinical test is to conduct an actual trial involving a human being from one of the two candidate vaccines, which might take place this April or early May. During the test, the involved researchers must determine the effectiveness of the vaccine and if it shows enough benefits when administered through nasal spray and intra-muscular injection, as detailed online.

This latest clinical test in Australia becomes the first task of the CSIRO outside the Mainland as a research organization that will conduct a pre-testing to defeat COVID-19.

The other successful research agency is the Moderna Inc, which is the closest known facility in public that conduct human test. According to Reuters, they are planning to begin the clinical test last March in Seattle.

As detailed from the reported news also, the research agency provided information that the causes of the COVID-19 disease is the virus known as Sars-CoV-2. Over 20 studied vaccines worldwide are now in developing process to prove their efficacy.

Should the pre-clinical test conducted in Australia becomes successful, this will be a huge breakthrough in giving the best possible solution in treating patients infected with the pandemic virus.


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