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Anti-Malaria Medicine, How Effective for Treating COVID-19 Patients?

Specialists from Russia revealed that using an anti-malaria medicine or drug can treat a patient who is suffering from Novel Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 effectively.

Medical experts worldwide are also beginning to research more about this type of drug to provide the best possible medication to the thousands of people who suffered from this pandemic virus.

There are now specialists from Russia who are showing efforts to reveal the possibility of using an anti-malaria medicine to treat COVID-19 patients, according to the news online. These people are doing extensive research to provide the best medicinal solution in battling the pandemic outbreak.

In line with this, some medical experts are also looking at other available treatment drugs because the issue about the Coronavirus is serious. It already killed thousands of people across the globe and affecting nearly 800,000 to date.

The first country with the most number of positive cases is China, which eventually considered the use of anti-malaria medicines to defeat the virus. There had been reports that they were able to control the outbreak in the country. However, it still need more provable statements and results.

Countries like US, France and Canada are now studying the possibility as well.

Another microbiologist from France named Didier Raoult revealed that one of the researches done by the Chinese about using an anti-malaria medicine include the Chloroquine. According to Didier, there is “dramatic improvements” among the sufferers when treated using such medicine.

Unfortunately, they denounced his claim as fallacious and even considered it as fake news.

In the Philippines also, some medical experts are beginning to show interest about the Chloroquine for COVID-19 treatment. As detailed through, there had been report that the Patient 358 had recovered after getting his treatment using Hydroxy Chloroquine.

The claim spread online when netizens discovered it through social media site Facebook.

According to Dr. Rey Salinel that this kind of drug contain quinine (a kind of chemical compound) and they use it for heart diseases treatment. He said that when taking such medicine, it helps in converting the blood pH (level) into alkaline and this is helpful for the patient.

On the other hand, the good doctor explained that the use of this medicine could trigger unwanted complications that can damage the heart, liver and kidney. The Department of Health (DOH) likewise warned the public about using medicines without legitimate label and prescription is dangerous to the health.

In the United States also, President Donald Trump had some ideas about the use of this particular anti-malaria drug, which they use reportedly in China. Based on the report submitted by the Zhenjiang University researchers as published online, COVID-19 patients who took the drug did not fight off the virus compared to those who did not took it.

Based on the study, they involved at least 30 patients wherein half of them took the anti-malaria drug. After a week, 13 of them underwent testing and their result is negative.

As for the remaining half who did not take the Hydroxy Chloroquine, 14 of them had negative tests as well.

This means that the result when using the anti-malaria medicine is not that convincing. This is reason why medical experts need to be cautious before making conclusions on their studies.


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